Artist Draws Pokémon As If They Were Human

Pokémon Go brought the beloved cartoon characters closer to reality. But not close enough for South Korean illustrator Tamtamdi, who is taking it a step further by redrawing famous Pokémon as humans.

The California-based artist has already drawn 254 Pokémon Gijinka illustrations, giving the beloved characters like Shellder or Snorlax a more realistic look. It usually takes him from 30 min to 1 hour to finish one drawing. And he packs every single one with unique features: “The most important thing I care when I do the gijinka is capturing the first impression of the Pokémon, and then the silhouette and the gesture!” the artist told Bored Panda.

pokeball new throwhuman-pokemon-gijinka-illustrations-tamtamdi-3


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