Best Pokemon GO Candy To Farm For Gen 2


Pokemon GO Gen 2 may only be available in 2017, but that certainly does not mean you shouldn’t start farming candy for Gen 2 evolution. For that purpose, we came up with a list of the best Pokemon GO candy you should be hoarding, so you’d be able to evolve as soon as Gen 2 is out.

Onix >> Steelix

Onix is pretty disappointing in Pokemon GO. The Pokemon’s mediocre stats and low max CP don’t justify the amount of candy it requires to power up, or the rarity of its sightings. However, it’s evolved form, Steelix, may have hope still.


The Gen 2 Pokemon should have much better defensive stats, and decent, if not great, attack. It also adds Steel to it’s attributes to go along with the original Ground attribute.

pokemon go candy

A prediction that Onix will cost 50 candy to evolve is reasonable, just like other Pokemon who currently only have one evolution.

Zubat >> Golbat >> Crobat

Don’t give up on your Zubat just yet! When Pokemon GO just launched, the amount of Zubats around my house was crazy, as can be seen in this video

Less than two months have past, and the number of Zubats dropped massively, giving us hope that maybe there is something big in store for Gen 2’s Flying/Poison type Pokemon, Crobat.

pokemon go candy

Seeing that it takes 50 candy to evolve a Zubat to a Golbat, it wouldn’t be crazy to bet on a 100 candy evolution from Golbat to Crobat.

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