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    PokeRadar for Pokemon Go

    Niantic has been cracking down on a lot of the Pokémon Go maps out there, but there’s been a lot of confusion about which, if any, still work. If you’re in need of a poké-map, Poke Radar is still standing and working better than ever. Their service still works because they don’t use, and never […]

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    How To Get A Refund From Apple & Google Play

    Pokemon Go isn’t turning out to be everyone’s favorite game anymore with the recent update and everyone experiencing the game’s instability. The game may be free but a lot of money has been spent to purchase PokeCoins. Here, we offer you Pokemon Go tips on how to get a refund from the game that’s beginning […]

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    PokeRadar a Great alternative to PokeVision

    Since PokeVision was shut down there has been a huge uproar in the Pokemon Go community, ranging from people refusing to play the game to people disputing all the transactions made to Niantic. There is however an alternative to Pokevision which is PokeRadar although it is not as big it is pretty useful for finding the more […]

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    Pokemon Go: How to Change Your Character’s Appearance

    One of the major problems Pokemon GO had upon launch was that your character couldn’t be changed after you’d customized it. Even though the game itself had a small selection of items, sometimes you want to switch up your character’s appearance once and awhile. After all, you want to keep trendy when you’re holding those […]

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    How To Get Nearby Tip Notifications In Pokemon Go

    Pokemon GO trainers are always looking for a way to make their hunt easier, and Apptastic! has introduced a new app that could help you on your quest. On a recent episode of Trainer Tips, Nick and Juan give some information about the new app, called PokeNotify. Basically, it sends you a notification if a Pokemon […]

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    Downloading Pokémon Go maps directly to save data

    As the Pokemon Go trend continues many users would be finding themselves with excess data usage bills. We have had some reports of people with as high as $300 in excess data usage. Due to this issue we will be talking about a way to resolve this issue. First of all you want to click […]

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    Pokemon Go Spawn Locations

    The team from Ranked Boost has made a useful guide that will teach you some of the best locations with a higher spawn rate for catching types of Pokémon of a specific type in Pokémon go. The types of Pokemon are: water, fire, grass, electric, rock, psychic, bug, ground, poison, normal, dragon, fairy, fighting, ghost, and ice.

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    How Do You Really ‘Catch ‘Em All

    If you haven’t heard already, a guy by the name of Nick Johnson has become the very first player in Pokémon Go to capture all 142 unique Pokémon. In order to help people level up and get where they want to be in the game, he has provided a number of tips to help move […]

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    How to Earn EXP in Pokemon GO

    As Pokemon Go has been out for a few weeks now, people are already starting to break away from the regular players and cement themselves a spot as a top Pokemon Trainer. You may be asking to yourself how much EXP do you earn from each task, you could catch Pokemon as it is the […]

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    Pokemon Go: Tips on Catching Pokemon

    1). Turn off the AR (Augmented Reality). Capturing Pokemon with AR turned on is what Pokemon Go is all about, especially when the Pokemon pops up in an inappropriate place. However it is far easier to catch these Pokemon without worrying about aiming your camera and looking for the Pokemon in the first place. You […]

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    Real Dangers in the Artificial World of Pokémon Go

    Pokémon Go is a relatively new game and people around the globe are eating it up. While a lot of it is fun and games and leads to both physical and mental health benefits, there are some dangers that we think are worth mentioning. Of course, at the beginning of each session, the game warns […]