As the Pokemon Go trend continues many users would be finding themselves with excess data usage bills. We have had some reports of people with as high as $300 in excess data usage. Due to this issue we will be talking about a way to resolve this issue.

First of all you want to click the settings button, from here you want to goto Offline Areas.


From here you want to click down the bottom of your maps to add a new map.


It will then give you the following option, this will download the whole map within this area. As you can see a 225Mb file to possibly save you Gigabytes of excess data. Click the Download button in the right hand corner and then you’re all set!


The very last tip that we can give you is if you’re travelling out of this location, find a cafe or somewhere that you can connect to their wifi and download the maps for that location especially if you’re going to be there for hours.