How Do You Really ‘Catch ‘Em All


If you haven’t heard already, a guy by the name of Nick Johnson has become the very first player in Pokémon Go to capture all 142 unique Pokémon. In order to help people level up and get where they want to be in the game, he has provided a number of tips to help move along your gathering travels. Today we are going to share not only some of his tips and tricks but a few of our own that we think are going to make the game more eventful for every player.

Keep in mind that the more you walk, the higher your chances are of finding a wide range of Pokémon. It is important to mix it up and travel to destinations that you may not have been to before. There are going to be common spawns for each area you visit, something you will tend to notice during your travels. However, this does not mean that a rare spawn may not occur. Some players choose to travel to a different destination for every day of the week. Not only does this help you spice things up and keep yourself interested in your surroundings but it also greatly increases your chances of finding some really great catches.

While it may be easy to feel no need to catch yet another Pidgey, Weedle or Caterpie, remember that these little guys do not require very many candies in order to level up. Leveling up is a huge part of playing this game, as the more you level, the higher your chances are of catching some really great Pokémon. Some people swear that the higher your level, the more Pokémon you are going to see. While we aren’t so sure there is truth to this statement, if it helps motivate you then go ahead and live by the motto.


If you spend a lot of time near local Pokéstops, then you may have noticed that there are certain rare Pokémon that regularly spawn after certain periods of time. Those rare Pokémon are extremely important if you are looking to be one of the next players to finally catch ’em all, as without them, you are never going to be able to reach your maximum Pokémon in your Pokédex.

Many people who are closer to catching every last Pokémon say that they have noticed the game is much better at recognizing a faster pace than a slower walk. The quicker your pace, the better your chances are of hatching more eggs and resetting those modules so they bring more Pokémon to the area. Other players have noticed that in order to hatch eggs faster it is much better to walk in a straight line. This is because the game calculates the distance you have gone by seeing where you are in regards to the location you just were. The game may not pick up on the fact that you have walked around in a mini-circle. This particular fact is something that Johnson himself said he had to go about learning the hard way.

A huge part of catching every single Pokémon in the game is hatching eggs. That being said, if you do choose to spend money on the game, it is best to invest in extra incubators. Remember, once you have 9 eggs, you will not longer receive any more from Pokéstops until you have a new slot open. This means, the more eggs you can get rid of, the more you will receive. There are many Pokémon that may not be readily available in your area and for that reason; hatching eggs may be a wonderful investment. The cost averages out to about 33 cents per hatched egg which in the greater scheme of things isn’t really that much money at all.


If you find yourself struggling to locate the last few Pokémon in your Pokédex, you may want to download the game Ingress. That game was actually used in the development of Pokémon Go. Rare Pokémon spawns are located at areas in Ingress where there are large concentrations of white dots (also known as exotic matter or XM). This is a trick that Johnson used when he was having a particularly difficult time finding a single type of Pokémon. Of course, it doesn’t work 100% of the time, but if you’re able to, drop a module, maybe two and hang out. As some places spawn rares at exact intervals, having an hour of play where you are not only staying in a known hot spot but drawing the creatures to you is a really great strategy!