Pokemon Go isn’t turning out to be everyone’s favorite game anymore with the recent update and everyone experiencing the game’s instability. The game may be free but a lot of money has been spent to purchase PokeCoins. Here, we offer you Pokemon Go tips on how to get a refund from the game that’s beginning to get on your nerves.

First up, why are players even paying when the game is free? In the world of Pokemon Go, players need Poke Balls to catch Pokemon and other items in the game that can help them. Although these items are free when one visits a Poke Stop, some players may find their location lacking a Poke Stop or some stops aren’t within the vicinity at the moment.

Here’s where the Poke Coins come in. Some Pokemon Go tips would encourage you to purchase Poke Coins with real money since this is an investment. This may have worked for others, but with the recent update on the game, players have experienced instability, causing them to lose time and waste their items, making their purchase worthless.

An example would be the use of Incense. Incense, in the game, attracts Pokemon to you for 30 minutes. Incense can be given to the player as they progress. But it can also be bought for 80 PokeCoins. If you use real money to purchase coins and in turn, use them to buy Incense for the game, and the game suddenly experiences errors due to the game’s servers right when you used the item, then your time would’ve been eaten up without you actually using the item.


Players can complain and get a refund for this. For players who use iOS, simply head to Apple’s website and look for “Report A Problem”. Use your Apple ID to login and then choose “Report A Problem” beside the Pokemon Go app. Choose “Item opens but doesn’t function as expected” under the “Choose Problem” section. Then describe the experience you’ve had with it due to the game’s server errors.

For players using Android, they can report the problem and ask for a refund via the Google Play store. But reports claim that Google isn’t as quick to respond as Apple.

Hopefully Niantic fixes whatever glitches are happening in the game and players can focus on real Pokemon Go tips in playing rather than spend time refunding their money. This could hopefully help bring back the love for the game.