Attempting to catch them all has proved lucrative for one man who is currently on a global tour to become the one master to truly dominate the Pokémon Go world.

Business Insider’s Matt Weinberger introduces us to Nick Johnson, a Go player who is ever so close to becoming the world master at a game that is spreading throughout every corner of the globe.

And it’s all thanks to a dream trip supplied by the likes of Marriott Rewards and Expedia.

As many players know, some Pokémon are tucked away geographically, forcing the most prolific players to not only step out of their comfort zones but trek far from their own time zones.

As the report states, Johnson is currently on a tour that will have him finding and virtually corralling monsters that reside only in foreign countries.

Business Insider previously noted that these include Mr. Mime in Europe, Farfetch’d in Asia and Kangaskhan in Australia.

Not only is Pokémon Go proving to be the reason many step out of their own yard and into the streets of their neighborhood, it’s quickly become the reason for one epic adventure around the world.

Like the plot of some zany sci-fi book, Johnson is chronicling his trek through social media channels for those stuck back at home catching the usual ekans and mankeys of this nation.

Besides offering a sneak peek for Expedia and its blog, Johnson will continue to update how things are going on Snapchat and Twitter.