THE CRAZE has swept the globe, but for one youngster the game has done a lot more than just provide entertainment.

The mother of an autistic teen has said that the mobile game Pokemon Go has completely changed his life.

Ty Beaton, 13, has been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and autism and suffered from severe anxiety and depression.

This left him almost unable to leave his home in Shirley as for two years the experience would make him feel anxious and depressed.

But now his life has been completely changed by the game and can be found outside everyday, getting exercise and capturing digital Pokemon on his phone.

Ty’s mum Paula Aslet, said: “He suffers anxiety and depression for two years and rarely left the house, but now leaving the house is a daily occurrence going out to catch Pokemon on his phone.

“Before he struggled and I could not get him outside but now it is like a purpose for him.

“He was getting better and has been on different medications, but now he doesn’t get the anxiety.”

The 40-year-old from Shirley added: “Before Pokemon Go he would rarely go out and he would always be asking can we go back and he would be quite up tight and hard work.”

Pokemon Go is a smartphone game which sees would-be Pokemon trainers scour the real world for virtual monsters that can be caught.

Millions took up playing the game in the first few weeks of its launched.

As previously reported by the Daily Echo, Sam Clark lost two stone and walked 140 miles in order to catch more than 140 Pokemon in the game.

Miss Aslet said that the game has helped with Ty’s physical health and wellbeing as well by getting him outside, walking around and exercising.

His mum said that his favourite place to chase the virtual Pokemon in St James’ Park and added: “I have nothing but positives about the game.”