New Way Of Throwing Poké Balls Can Be Used To Double Your EXP And Catch Rate


Pokemon Go has already been downloaded by millions of users across dozens of countries. As you level up Pokemon become harder and harder to catch, the good news is you’re not imaging this. Everyone over level 20 is starting to learn this, the bad news is that it does start to get annoying resulting in many wasted PokeBalls and Pokemon running away.

But what if we told you there were ways to not only increase the catch rate of Pokemon but also double the EXP earned while doing so.

Before we dive right into the Pokeball throwing technique, let’s first go back to the different experience bonuses you can earn while catching Pokemon. You may have noticed a red circle appearing as you’re throwing your Pokeballs, different EXP bonuses are obtained by throwing your Pokeball in the centre of this circle.

If you land a Pokeball inside a large circle you will get a “Nice” bonus which is 10 EXP. If you land it inside a medium circle you will get a “Good” bonus of 50 EXP. And if you land it inside a small circle you will get an “Excellent” bonus of 100 EXP.

That’s where the new style of throwing comes in. When you throw the pokeball in a specific way it increases the chance of landing the ball in the middle of the circle. Here’s a video showing this.


As you can see by the video above, this technique makes it almost impossible to miss out on the EXP bonus. Since you’re also throwing the Pokeball fast at the Pokemon it makes it far more likely to catch the Pokemon on the first try rather than wasting precious time.

The only downside to the technique as reported by some users is that the game will actually bug out and freeze. But please share your experience in the comments below!