Are you a bit overwhelmed by all of the different Pokemon, candies, and evolution requirements in Pokemon Go? If so you aren’t alone. Ten’s of thousands of other players are as well. Between different Pokemon needing different amounts of candies to evolve and some Pokemon needing especially high amounts of candies there is a lot of information out there that takes a while to figure out.

Luckily a new tool has been created to help: Pokelevel is an evolution calculator that has in depth stats and requirements for each and every Pokemon in the game. How many candies do you need to evolve your Machop? Pokelevel has the answer. Which Pokemon only require 13 candies to evolve? Pokelevel has the answer. Which are the hardest Pokemon to evolve?Pokelevel has the answer.

We highly suggest you check it out and add it to your bookmarks, a tool like this is invaluable for any Pokemon trainer who’s busy grinding and power leveling.