Pokemon Go Guide – How to Get Pokecoins for Free


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Pokemon Go is a free game, but it’s not like they won’t take your money if you’re offering. Nintendo and Niantic have a few microtransactions built into Pokemon Go, allowing players to jump ahead of others by buying Pokecoins. These gold coins can then be used to buy special items, like potions, Pokeballs, and much more. So, with these being so useful, here’s our guide on how to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go.

You can, of course, just buy some. There are a bunch of different bundles, ranging from a buck all the way up to a hundred dollars. But who wants to do that? The whole point of a free game is that you don’t have to pay for it. So, what do you do if you don’t want to pay?

For that you need to get very familiar with gyms. So essentially, to get Pokecoins, you need to have a gym taken over by your team, then you need to station one of your Pokemon to defend it. You can always take over a gym for yourself, but the idea here is longevity. You want your Pokemon to be in that gym as long as possible, so working together is key.

Once you have your Pokemon guarding a gym your job is over. Each gym that one of your Pokemon is protecting will earn you a “defender bonus”, which should amount to 10 Pokecoins per day. You can do this for up to ten gyms at a time, earning 100 Pokecoins every day.

Some of this could change as the game rolls out worldwide, but it was true in the beta and should remain so for the game at launch. Pokecoins are definitely helpful in becoming the very best, so get out there and take over those gyms.