One of the major problems Pokemon GO had upon launch was that your character couldn’t be changed after you’d customized it. Even though the game itself had a small selection of items, sometimes you want to switch up your character’s appearance once and awhile. After all, you want to keep trendy when you’re holding those Gyms down, right? Thankfully, with the 0.31.0 update the ability to alter your character’s appearance has finally been added into the game.

In order to alter your trainer’s looks you will need to click the bottom left icon that shows off your trainers face. Once you enter the screen that shows your trainer, level, and statistics, you will need to click the menu button in the bottom right corner. This is the circle with three horizontal bars that should be hovering right over your team logo.

Click that and you will see the tabs “Journal” and “Customize” appear. Click Customize and you will be taken to the character creation menu. Once here you can alter everything about your character including hair styles, clothing, skin tone, and even what type of backpack you’re sporting. When you’re finished with your new design simply tap the check button at the bottom right to save.

Now you can go capture all of the Pidgeys and Weedles without worrying about being a fashion disaster! Huzzah! For more Pokemon GO tips and tricks, make sure to check out our ever expanding Ulitmate Guide for more information!