Pokemon Go Latest Update


For “Pokemon Go” players, egg hatching is an alternative way to be able to get some more critters on their Pokedex. It is a neat alternative for people who have hard luck getting to hotspots as they need to walk to hatch them.

Niantic has been making the necessary tweaks to the game to make it perfect with “Pokemon Go” apparently being far from perfect. That includes how fast a player is able to go from one place to another. But if the latest word is true, it looks like Niantic has made some tweaks on egg hatching, particularly in the area of speed.

Players take notice

The manner of calculating the distance traveled from one point to the other is important, something that usually updates per minute. Thanks to some eagle-eyes, a Reddit user (Beastamer), claims that the speed threshold has now been set at 10.5 km/h which is a pretty big dip from the previous 18.5 km/h.

Beastamer apparently became suspicious when he noticed that his “Pokemon Go” eggs weren’t hatching at the usual rate. Hence, some are now assuming that Niantic made some tweaks to address the “Pokemon Go” egg-hatching practice. It could be possible that such was done to address the car-hatching issue which obviously tweaks the manner of calculating speed on the game feature.

But while that was to be expected, some “Pokemon Go” players are now saying that the reduction was a bit harsh and unfairly covers other players who may be on bikes or non-motorized vehicles. Though it wasn’t revealed, it could go as far to affect even the ones into running or jogging.

Niantic has yet to address if there were any tweaks made to “Pokemon Go” though some are practically appealing to at least introduce a hatching mode to make up for the tweak –assuming there were changes made to the game.

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