1). Turn off the AR (Augmented Reality).

Capturing Pokemon with AR turned on is what Pokemon Go is all about, especially when the Pokemon pops up in an inappropriate place. However it is far easier to catch these Pokemon without worrying about aiming your camera and looking for the Pokemon in the first place. You can turn off AR easily by tapping the AR Toggle when in the capturing pokemon screen (See Picture Below). This will then display the Pokemon on a grassy field somewhat still, this way you can focus on capturing the little critter and less on reorienting your camera or the death stares of the people around you.


2). Use Razz Berries

Razz Berries are used to slow the Pokemon down (when you use the razz berry love hearts will popup around the Pokemon you are trying to catch) before you capture it. You can use these berries in tandem with stronger Pokeballs. (Great Balls and Ultra Balls). This will assist you in catch rarer and stronger Pokemon.


3). Location Does Matter in Pokemon Go.

As you’ve probably found out by now, certain Pokemon only dwell in certain locations. Are you looking to catch the fifty (you read right) Magikarp’s that are needed to evolve into a Garados? Then you will need to head down to any river, lake or reservoir, because that’s where these Water Pokemon will appear. Just as if you’re looking for Beedrills, Bulbasaurs, or other Bug/Plant type Pokemon then take a stroll through any forest (be aware of your surroundings).

4). Track down them pesky Pokemon.

Open up your Pokemon Go App. See the tab in the lower right-hand corner? Well, when you select the Pokemon you want to track, start turning around in a circle slowly, the lower tab in the right hand corner will begin to pulse green, not only this but as you walk towards your target the pulse will quicken.