Pokemon Go Trading, Trainer Battles and Gen II Pokemon Release Dates


Pokemon Go’s launch was full of ups and downs. The game had a blockbuster launch but it was still plagued by various technical glitches. As the days passed by, the game kept on getting new glitches and bugs.

However, things are now moving toward a positive direction. Developer of the game, Niantic, is now communicating well with its players, which was one of the major issues voiced by many people. The latest version of the game has also introduced a new Pokemon tracking system, and the game’s much more balanced now.

Image: comicbook.com

The next problem that has emerged for Niantic is the lack of game content. The current player base is now demanding more content which can keep them busy, since the initial novelty of the game has worn off just a tad. Niantic has to be very careful in taking care of their player base because they’ve spent their valuable time and money in the game, bringing in millions of dollars a day.

To address this issue, Niantic confirmed that three new content patches will be introduced to the game:

  • Pokemon GO Trading
  • Pokemon GO Trainer Battles
  • Pokemon GO Gen II Pokemon

Below, we look at the features in-depth as well as possible release dates: