Pokemon Go is expecting a huge update in the coming weeks and Niantic seems to be keen on bringing forth a very popular feature to the game, or two for that matter. Following massive requests for two features, it seems very likely to see them implemented soon and it could be really good.

While we haven’t seen a major update yet rumor has it that 0.32 will bring some amazing features to the table. Niantic could very well add battles and trading to the game which would at least double the number of players. Right now the main activity of the game is catching Pokemon and battling gyms but if this update were to arrive we would have a lot more to do in the game. Most people that don’t play Pokemon Go don’t do it because the competitive aspect is very small though it does have a lot of potentials. Still, it seems John Hanke, Niantic CEO, has suggested that battles and trading could arrive in the near future.

Pokemon Go May Become Even Bigger

Pokemon Go General Tips And TricksShould Niantic really hold on to this promise and deliver battles as well as trading we could see a massive restructuring of the game. People would definitely start playing big time. It could potentially double the amount of players currently in the game and that’s not an overstatement at all. It’s what people want to do and it’s not hard to do either. We can already use the Pokemon for fighting but only in gyms and that gets pretty boring in some areas. Fighting Pokemon would gain new meaning with such an update but people might exploit the trading feature and start selling Pokemon.

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