Real Dangers in the Artificial World of Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go is a relatively new game and people around the globe are eating it up. While a lot of it is fun and games and leads to both physical and mental health benefits, there are some dangers that we think are worth mentioning. Of course, at the beginning of each session, the game warns players to keep an eye on their surroundings. Sadly, there have been many people who have put themselves into sketchy situations in order to catch rare Pokémon. Some people have even died while playing the game. While this is causing quite the buzz and worrying many parents, we want to shine some light on the issue. Pokémon is a game that, if played properly and safely, is all in good fun and will not lead to injury or harm.

Our main bit of advice is: if you wouldn’t go somewhere or do something when the game wasn’t around, then don’t start doing it now. People have been literally gunned down because they have made the risky choice to go onto private property in order to “Catch ‘Em All”. While it can be tempting to do so, know that not everyone plays and while to you, you may look like an innocent person spending your time playing in the game of Pokémon, to unsuspecting homeowners, you may appear to pose a threat. Always look for signs that provide times where entry into certain parks or public locations is allowed and if you see a No Trespassing sign, please head the warning.

Watch where you’re going. This is something that we cannot say enough. Whether you are walking, or driving, keep your eyes on the space in front of you. Pay close attention to your surroundings. Stopping at a red light and pulling up your game to get that nearby Pokéstop may be tempting but it is best to just wait until you have your vehicle safely in park before taking part. Remember, Pokémon will always come and go but this game isn’t going away anytime soon so there is no need to put yourself or those around you at risk just to catch a new or higher level Pokémon.

Beware of risky locations. Oftentimes you may find that the best time to play the game when the servers are less bogged down by high traffic is at night. However, this does not mean you should walk around dark areas and in your local downtown hot spots just to level up. Instead, do so a little earlier in the day. Keep in mind, the game is still in its early stages so the servers are going to get better. Just because you want to get in your play time does not mean you should put yourself in a situation where you can get mugged or worse.
Be cautious of lures. This brings us to our next topic. There have been many reports around the globe of people putting down lure modules in locations that are isolated. Some people do this in order to “lure” people to the location to take advantage of the extra Pokémon. Unfortunately, some people are choosing to take these moments of your vulnerability while you look at your screen to attempt to rob you, steal your phone or even attack. If you are playing in areas that are less than safe or where you wouldn’t normally go otherwise, at least bring a friend or two along to keep an eye out with you. Yes, we realize the game is fun and exciting but your safety should always be the first and foremost thing on your mind.